How To Play

Participating in Last Year's Model is easy:

  1. Choose to hang on to a gadget or technology product that you own, instead of just buying a new one.
  2. Join our Cause on Facebook or on MySpace, or tell people on Twitter, your blog or Flickr why you're participating.
  3. Optionally put the Last Year's Model badge on your site or tag your story with #lastyears.

That's it!

"I turned my original Xbox into a media center I use constantly, seven years after I purchased it. It just didn't make sense to buy a whole new computer to sit under the television when I already had one there."

Gina TrapaniGina Trapani, creator of Lifehacker and Smarterware.

"I have the Digital Rebel XTi, it's 8MP, I really don't need anything better"

Kevin Rose Kevin Rose, founder of